Night Ghost Push


Not long after Wang Minggang graduated from school, he was busy with his resume and looking for a job every day. It’s been a while, he still hasn’t found a suitable job. The money on the body is almost the same, and if he can't find a job, he may have to leave. However, he is not willing to leave this city full of opportunities and challenges.

On the night of the day, as usual, he squeezed out of the bus and walked through the crowds to the house he rented. The place to get off is still a part of the road from where I live. Although it is very tired, Wang Ming does not seem to care about this. I still want to find a job. Suddenly, inadvertently, he saw a recruitment notice on the roadside pole; he had already had a retreat, and there was a hint of hope in his heart. He carefully read the notice. The words "benefit favorably" written on it made him feel that he wanted to give it a try.

Wang Mingxi called out the phone number of the manager who stayed above. "Hey hello!" "Hello!" There was a voice from a middle-aged man over the phone. "Hello, is the manager of the horse, I want to ask if you are still recruiting there?" Wang Ming asked urgently. "Oh, recruit, there is a warehouse manager's location, are you interested?" The middle-aged man said slowly.

Wang Mingyi hesitated and then replied: "I have no experience..." I haven’t waited for Wang Ming to finish the horse manager and said: "If you are interested, I will send you the address later, you will report directly. Okay." Wang Ming still wants to ask some more questions, but there is already a blind tone on the phone. It is obvious that the manager of the horse has already hung up.

Then Wang Ming’s cell phone slammed. He turned on his mobile phone and saw a new text message. The number displayed on the text message was the number he just played. He opened the message with great excitement. The text message was written by the manager of the horse. Although Wang Ming was not familiar with it, he decided to go and see it. Wang Ming hurriedly returned to the rental room. He packed his luggage and went to the road to stop a taxi. Although the money is not much, he can only take a taxi, or else he can't find a place.

The place was far from the city, and the road was a good one for a while. It was so bumpy all the way. Wang Ming fell asleep unconsciously. These days he was too tired, and the pressure and exhaustion made him not sleep. A good feeling. I don't know how long it took, Wang Mingyi opened his sleepy eyes. He saw that the car was still driving on the road, but the scene on both sides of the road had become very desolate. The vehicles on the road are also very rare. Until the car turned into a dirt road, Wang Ming saw a large factory. The car stopped at the door of the factory, and Wang Ming took the luggage and got off the bus. He saw that the gate of the factory was the old iron gate; the iron gate was rusty and the red paint was mostly peeled off, making the iron door look a bit pitted. Wang Ming went to the door and knocked on the door. As the harsh friction sounded, the big iron gate was slowly opened.

Opening the door is an old man, thin, bowed, and his eyes staring at Wang Ming. Wang Ming was a bit awkward in his heart, and he quickly said to him: "Grandpa, I came to apply, and the manager of the horse passed the words, he said..." Before Wang Ming finished, the old man had turned and went inside. gone. "Come in!" The voice of the old man was a little pale, and Wang Ming didn't like it very much. But Wang Ming still followed the old man and went in. The old man walked into a small house next to the door, and soon took a bunch of keys. He went to Wang Ming and said to Wang Ming with the pale voice: "The dormitory cannot live on the first floor. You live on the second floor, the room picks you up, no one else lives here anyway." Wang Ming sighed and tried to pull the box to find the dormitory, but he felt that there was something wrong, so he turned back and asked: "You mean that we live in the factory for two of us?" The old man snorted and did not give him a positive answer. He just said: "The lights in the dormitory are not good, you use this." He reached out and put something in his hand. Wang Ming saw that the old man’s hand was thin and only had skinny bones. Like the dry branches, he hesitated and took over the things in the hands of the old man. It turned out to be a flashlight. Wang Ming put it in his pocket and took his luggage to the dormitory.

Walking to the dormitory, Wang Mingcai discovered that the dormitory was the old building of the 1980s, and he walked in helplessly. There are many spider webs in the building, and there are rubbish everywhere in the corridor. Wang Ming took the baggage and climbed to the second floor and was tired and panting. He put down his luggage and prepared to take a break. He looked at the room on the second floor and wanted to choose a sunny place to stay. He walked to the second room on his right hand and gently opened the door. The "cough, cough" door was just opened and Wang Ming was coughed up. He walked in and found four bunks in the room, and he picked up a lower bunk near the window to pick it up. Simply laid a bed and then lay down. He was too tired, he didn't want to get up again when he was lying down, and he snorted unconsciously.

I don't know how long it took, Wang Ming was still asleep, he seemed to sleep very fragrant, then he felt who pushed himself, and then he was impatient with his instincts. Suddenly he was pushed again and his head hit the wall. At this time, Wang Ming opened his eyes in confusion, and he found that the sky was already dark, and the moon in the sky was exceptionally bright. By the moonlight, he saw a person lying on each bed next to him, and seemed to be asleep. He couldn't help but lie down and lay down. Just closing his eyes, he felt that his forehead was a little painful, and he touched his forehead unconsciously. At this time, he seemed to think that someone had pushed himself down when he was sleeping. "Someone pushed himself down." He repeatedly pondered this sentence. Suddenly, another thought flashed in his head: "Why are so many people sleeping? No one is snoring, it seems... even breathing can't hear!" I thought that Wang Ming suddenly reacted: "Isn't that two people living in the factory? Where are the people!" Wang Ming was shocked and jumped out of bed. He instinctively rushed to the door to escape the dormitory. Just as he was about to rush to the door, the door suddenly slammed shut. Wang Ming’s heart almost jumped out. He didn’t dare to look back and ran his head and explored the light switch next to the door. Hey, hey, the slight sound seemed a bit strange in this quiet night, the lights in the room didn't shine. Wang Ming was desperate. But he suddenly thought of a flashlight in his pocket that the old man gave himself! He hurriedly took out his flashlight from his pocket. Just as he turned back, he turned his flashlight on the bed and took it. Nothing! "Oh, oh..." Wang Ming took a deep breath and stunned. Just as he was going back to his bed, a sly face appeared under the light of the flashlight. Wang Ming was so scared that he was screamed. At this time, he found that those who were lying in bed appeared again, and they were slowly getting up...

The next day, the employee who came to work in the factory found Wang Ming’s body under the bed. The doctor identified him as having died of a certain heart disease!

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